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And yes, I will review your graphic long as it's available in a format that libraries can obtain without going on an epic quest of Tolkienic (or is that "Tolkienesque?") proportions. Shoot me an email and we'll discuss the particulars.


  1. Hi Mike:
    Do you have reviews for adult graphic novels? (Crumb, Pekar, etc.?).

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your question!

      I have reviewed a number of titles for mature audiences (look through the archive), and will certainly review more. I've not yet reviewed any Crumb or Pekar in this space because, since my target audience is librarians in charge of collection development, I tend to focus on recent releases. Mr. Crumb hasn't released a book for a few years now, and Mr. Pekar is no longer with us.

      That said, when things are released in new editions (and thus end up on the distributor lists again), I consider them fair game. I do also occasionally write "guides" to help librarians navigate the backlogs of certain characters and creators. So don't be surprised if a review of a Crumb or Pekar book (or several) pops up in the future!